Rez Industries


We Specialize in French-American Business Communication.


                                                                                                              "Beyond Words"


Rez Industries



Specializing in communication between French and U.S.

companies, organizations, and individuals.


For more than 14 years Rez Industries has used a proven "beyond words"

approach to help both French and American clients achieve their

business goals in negotiations with each other.




Services include:


Negotiation and fulfillment of agreements and contracts for goods and services.

- Launch of new products/services, establishment of distribution channels.

- Marketing, both Web/Digital and Print, of products and services localized for the target culture.

- Business French Tutoring to assist with communication and understanding of the language and culture to succeed.

Plus many others - all carried out in a working environment of good faith and cooperation.

Rez Industries' services range from consultation on specific

issues to full engagement with all communication necessary

for successful negotiations of a French/American project.




Areas of Expertise: Business, High Technology, Logistics, 

"Start-Ups", Luxury.


If your project involves communication between French and English speaking individuals in a business setting, and you require professional

results, please contact:, or at 978-462-0000. 

You will find the peace of mind from working together to be a welcome 

asset to your project!



Endorsed by Global Leader 

Maurice Lévy, CEO and Chairman 

of The Publicis Group 

Translation of Maurice Lévy's Letter of Recommendation:

Doreen is a talented person who, as a consultant, has

established fruitful and prolific contacts between both 

sides of the Atlantic Ocean - that is - between France 

and the United StatesIn addition to her perfect knowledge

of both languages, she has a profound understanding of 

what is at stake economically and culturally for these two 

countries and has mastered the recent evolutions of these 

two societies.

Doreen is a sort of a homing device – a target-tracking

sensor – as well as a pioneer researcher/ entrepreneur 

with a quick,alert mind which enables her to extract the

important information contained in vast files. She has remarkable discretion capabilities and can rely on her extensive 

network in France and in the USA to successfully satisfy

her clients’ requests and demands.


I am convinced that she will prove extremely useful to 

new clients on either side of the Atlantic and that is 

the reason why I have written this letter of recommendation.