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Expression of the Day: 



Bien joué!  Well played!


J'ai résérvé une table pour quatre personnes.  I reserved a table for four.


Où est-ce qu'on se retrouve ce soir?  Where are we getting together tonight?


Si on faisait un petit tour en voiture?  How about taking a little drive?


Tu t'intéresse aux langues étrangères?  Are you interested in foreign languages?



C'est quel genre de film? What kind of film is it?


Elle touche un salaire suffisant.  She makes a sufficient salary.


Je gagne bien ma vie.  I make a good living.


C'est un jour férié.  It's a legal holiday.









Responsive, personal, consultative service is one of our trademarks. We would be delighted to hear from you !  Please contact us at the address/phone below.  Thank you.

Rez Industries

18 Hanover Street

Newbury, MA 01951  USA

978-462-0000 (T)

978-462-3313 (F)


Areas of Expertise:




Business, High Tech, "Start-Ups", Logistics, Luxury, 




Available to relocate within the United States and France as needed for a project.




Partial list of Clients: SAFRAN/SAGEM/SNECMA, Apple, Hitachi, Thomson, Bull, Pearson, Sephora.




For professional results, please contact:, or at 978-462-0000. You will find the peace of mind from working together to be a welcome asset to your project!



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