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"Beyond Words"                                          "Au-delà des mots"




Tutoring for French Language and French Culture 

We provide tutoring for all levels of French language learning and French cultural appreciation.

With 15+ years successfully engaged in working with French companies of all sizes,we can also help you grow your business in France. Beyond the language skills, we will also help you better understand your counter parts through a better understanding of the French culture.

We also have a decade's worth of experiencing successfully tutoring individuals to reach 

their language goal whether it be: preparing for a visit to France, acing a French course in school, perfecting your existing knowledge of the language,deciding it is finally time to learn this beautiful language, etc. ...

We provide a unique approach, specific to your individual goals for learning the language. We strive to make this experience enjoyable as well as tremendously productive.  Come join us!


We are passionate about facilitating French/English communication and would like to help you accomplish your goals in this respect.


 We look forward to hearing from you.  Please contact by email: or call 978-462-0000


Vous trouverez que la tranquillité d'esprit de travailler ensemble est un atout

bienvenu à votre projet! 

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 Thank you.