Rez Industries


                                     "Beyond Words"

We Specialize in French-American Business Communication.




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Cornell U, Ithaca, NY

Sorbonne, Paris, France



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Responsive, personal, consultative service is one of our trademarks. We would be 

delighted to hear from you !  Please contact us at the address/phone below. 

Thank you.

Rez Industries

18 Hanover Street

Newbury, MA 01951  USA


Attn: Doreen Crotty

978-462-0000 (T)

978-462-3313 (F)


Available to relocate within the United States and France as needed for a project.


For professional results, please contact:, or

978-462-0000. You will find the peace of mind from working together

to be a welcome asset to your project!



Thank YOU